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This page contains links to data sets digitalized and used within BulDialects Project - Measuring linguistic unity and diversity in Europe (http://www.sfs.uni-tuebingen.de/dialectometry/index.shtml).

The data is prepared for 197 sites. The sites are distributed geographically over Bulgaria. Also these sites demonstrate the important features of Bulgarian dialects.

The data is prepared by Prof. Dr. Vladimir Zhobov, Georgi Kolev and Petar Shishkov from the Sofia University. The selection of the phonetic data is described in the technical report: BulDialects-TR01.

The phonetic data set is free for research purposes. It can not be published as it is or in different formats (e.g. a set of maps). The publications can include demonstrative maps of the applied methods and they have to cite the source of the data. The data can be downloaded from this link. The zip file contains a read me file and a DTD.

The lexical data and feature representation for the phonetic data will be available soon.