22nd ноември 2017

Bulgarian Resource Grammar – BURGER

BUlgarian Resource Grammar – Efficient and Robust – BURGER

The Bulgarian Resource Grammar (BURGER) is being developed as a Matrix Grammar by the BulTreeBank Group, IPP-BAS (Bulgaria) with the close collaboration of Dan Flickinger (CSLI, Stanford). As all other DELPHIN grammars, BURGER is an HPSG grammar, developed within LKB. Its first releases perform only parsing. The two versions cover the Matrix multilingual testset. The testset includes the following phenomena, among others:

  • modification types
  • complementation types
  • control constructions
  • clitization, clitic doubling
  • passive constructions
  • substantivizations and nominalizations
  • quantifiers
  • questions
  • negation
  • relatives
  • deverbals
  • auxiliaries
  • word order
  • coordination

At the moment, the grammar exists in two variants:

  • as a ‘minimum morphology grammar’, which concentrated on the syntactic constructions coverage, and morphology has been added just to supply the necessary morphosyntactic data (Version 0.2)
  • as a full ‘morphologically-augmented grammar’, which incorporates most of the verbal morphology for Bulgarian (for all personal verbs, partly for the impersonal and auxiliaries) – adjusted to the current syntactic coverage of the ‘minimum morphology grammar’(Version 0.3).

Our aim is to continue developing further the ‘morphologically-augmented grammar’.

Our future plans include:

  • adding a full morphological lexicon, augmented with the respective syntactic information
  • completion of the whole morphosyntactic inflection system
  • covering most of the sentences in BulTreeBank
  • further elaboration within the syntactic phenomena
  • treatment of coreference and ellipses
  • further developing of MRS for Bulgarian with connection to the Bulgarian Ontology Based Lexicon
  • testing generation
  • exploiting the grammar within the EuroMatrixPlus project for construction of parallel Bulgarian-English treebank and for processing of the Bulgarian sentences.

Here is a first version of the Bulgarian Resource Grammar built by Petya Osenova and Dan Flickinger at CSLI, Stanford University, USA in the period of 01.02.2010 to 30.06.2010. Petya’s visit was supported by a Fulbright grant. BURGER is based on the Matrix grammar.

Here you could download the files of the grammar.

Here is a report on the implementation of BURGER.

Dan’s presentation on BURGER at the DELPH-IN 2010 Summit.