27th юни 2017

Bug Report Information


This document describes the problems noticed in the CLaRK System version 1.0


No Bug Description Status


The character correctors do not work in the DTD compilation from ASCII format. fixed in version 1.0 (release 2)


The selection of the current element in the text area in the Value Constraints disappears when the user is choosing a list entry. This problem appears when the system is running under Linux OS. fixed in version 1.0 (release 2)


The key value generation in the statistic dialog is not calculated correctly. fixed in version 1.0 (release 2)


The XML parser does not work properly when parsing documents with preceding DOCTYPE element in one specific case. fixed in version 1.0 (release 2)


In Apply Multiple grammar settings for some grammars are replaced by settings from the first grammar in the list. fixed in version 1.0 (release 2)


Statistic Tool misreports some values due to problem with cases and internal counters. fixed in version 1.0 (release 2)
7 Element Features editor in grammar dialog is not able to remove all element values. fixed in version 1.0 (release 2)
8 Problems with saving the left and right context and comment of a grammar to file. fixed in version 1.0 (release 2)
9 DTD compiler does not compile correctly element definitions containing symbols „^“, „#“, and „@“. fixed in version 1.0 (release 2)
10 In very rare cases the XPath field on the toolbar looses permanently its focus and the user is unable to enter text in it. This problem is noticed when the system is running under Windows (2000) OS. It is likely to be a Java Virtual Mashine error. not fixed
11 The application of the operation „Expand Subtree“ works slowly when it is applied on heavily branched subtrees. The reason is in the drawing of the tree in the panel (Java VM dependant). not fixed
12 After heavy operations (especially on huge amount of texts) the system may not respond for a while. This is because of the specific free memory management of the Java Virtual Mashine („garbage collection“). not fixed
13 The text areas of the main editor do not have a vertical scroll bar. The scrolling is performed by the scroll buttons on the right side. The reason is in a specific memory saving page generation which sometimes may work slowlier in jumping in different places in the document structure. not fixed