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This item shows a brief information about the system: its version, its origin, the people involved in its development and several important URLs.


This item gives a list of the most frequently used terms in the system, each accompanied by short description. The terms are ordered in sections in alphabetical order. With this option chosen the Reference list is shown in a separate window independently from the system.

Memory Status

This item shows the status of the amount of the memory used by the system. The parameters which are shown are:

  • Free Memory Size - the amount of memory which is allocated but still not used by the system. In case this value falls under a certain limit the system tries automatically to allocate more memory (either in the RAM or in the swap device);
  • Used Memory Size - the amount of memory which the system currently uses;
  • Total Memory Size - the total amount of memory the system has taken from the operating system. This includes the sum of the previous two quantities.

Here the user can perform the operation Run Garbage Collector and thus to optimize the Used memory (i.e. to reduce it). Usually this is useful after performing heavy operations or processing large amounts of data. Reducing the Used memory size as a rule increases the efficiency of next operations (to some extent) and prevents the system from running out of memory (if possible).