Proceedings of The Ontologies and Lexical Knowledge Bases Workshop (OntoLex02)

3rd International Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, LREC2002

27th May 2002, Las Palmas, Canary Islands – Spain


Melina Alexa, Bernd Kreissig, Martina Liepert, Klaus Reichenberger, Lothar Rostek, Karin Rautmann, Werner Scholze-Stubenrecht, Sabine Stoye
The Duden Ontology: an Integrated Representation of Lexical and Ontological Information

Anthony R. Davis, Leslie Barrett
Relations among Roles

Alessandro Oltramari, Aldo Gangemi, Nicola Guarino, Claudio Masolo
Restructuring WordNet’s Top-Level: The OntoClean based approach

Christiane Fellbaum
Parallel Hierarchies in the Verb Lexicon

Sandiway Fong
On the Ontological Basis for Logical Metonomy: Telic Roles and WordNet

Maarten Janssen
EuroWordNet and Differentiae Specificae

Bernardo Magnini, Manuela Speranza
Merging Global and Specialized Linguistic Ontologies

Roberto Navigli, Paola Velardi
Automatic Adaptation of WordNet to Domains

Wim Peters
Self-enriching Properties of Wordnet: Relationships between Word Senses

James Pustejovsky, Anna Rumshisky, Josґe Castano
Rerendering Semantic Ontologies: Automatic Extensions to UMLS through Corpus Analytics

Dietmar Rцsner, Manuela Kunze
Exploiting Sublanguage and Domain Characteristics in a Bootstrapping Approach to Lexicon and Ontology Creation