Programme Natural Language Processing for Metadata Extraction (NLP4ME 2006)


Workshop to be held on September 12th as part of the


AIMSA 2006 Conference, Varna, September 13-15, 2006




The programme of the workshop will include:

    1. LT4eL Project Presentation.


    1. Invited talk: Paul Buitelaar, DFKI.
      Knowledge Markup and Ontology Learning for Semantic Metadata Extraction.
      The talk will cover the following topics:

      • metadata: what and why
      • semantic metadata
      • semantic metadata and ontologies
      • knowledge markup for semantic metadata extraction
      • extending the semantic model: ontology learning.


  1. Reviewed papers:
    • Frédérik Bilhaut, Frank Dumoncel, Patrice Enjalbert and Nicolas Hernandez.
      Extracting Multidimensional Thematic Metadata from Expository Texts.
    • Victoria Bobicev, Tatiana Zidrasco.
      A Language-Independent Method of Word Lemmatization
    • Lobna Karoui.
      Improved Word Weighting based on Structural Contextual Definition
    • Omar Larouk.
      Metadata and Annotation Tools fFor Electronic Library