Travel to Varna and Accommodation NLP4ME 2006

Address of the NLP4ME 2006 Workshop Location

is Palace Hotel *****
Sunny Day Resort
Tel: (+359 52) 361 971/ 5, 361 258
Fax: (+359 52) 361 376

The resort is near Varna (about 10 km).

Accommodation is done via Company for International Meetings Ltd., the firm that organizes the AIMSA Conference. Please, send to them the hotel reservation form.

How to reach Varna from abroad

The fastest way to reach Varna from abroad is to fly to Varna Airport, then take a taxi or a bus to your hotel. The distinations to Varna Airport can be found here. The regular flights are from Vienna (Austria) [1234567], Sofia (Bulgaria) [1234567], Budapest (Hungary) [12..56.], London – Gatwick (UK) [1…5..]. There are a lot of charter flights.

From the Varna Airport to the hotels:

  • You can take a taxi (10 km). Be careful! It is better to order the taxi from the taxi office at the airport. Or you can order a taxi from some of the companies in Varna. Here are some taxi companies Varna: (city code +359 52 outside Bulgaria or 052 outside Varna): Avtohit Taxi 616161; Varna Taxi 555555; Galant Taxi 388181; Elit Taxi 500500; Elfi Taxi 682888 / 644444; Astra Taxi 688888 / 399999; Ayax Taxi 599500; Lasia Taxi 500000 / 599599; Maksa Taxi 388171 / 303030 / 300772; Mega Taxi 388388 / 388123; Mobil Taxi 388883; Moment Taxi 696666; Omega Taxi 388888; Pontea Taxi 335335 / 300300; Sprint Taxi 642222 / 682121; Style Taxi 682121 / 682222; Fen Taxi 388188; Fenix Taxi 388111. The prices are written on the window of the car. The price from the airport to the hotel has to be less than 20 BG leva.
  • You can order a shuttle from the airport to the hotel, when you book your room.

Remark: We recommend you to order the transport from your hotel or to call a taxi by phone! Taking taxi directly from Varna airport is risky. Some drivers are doing their services on a very high price. The normal price is about 1 BG leva per kilometre.

Remark: All prices are in the local currency (BG leva).
1.95 BG leva = 1 EURO.
We recommend you to change only a small amount at the airport. Any exchange rate less that 1.92 BG leva for 1 EURO is not good. For the other currencies the rate can be calculated through EURO.

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