Second Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Linked Open Data (NLP&LOD2)

Collocated with RANLP 2015

11 September 2015

Hissar, Bulgaria

Accepted Papers

  • Generating Lexicalization Patterns for Linked Open Data (Rivindu Perera and Parma Nand)
  • An Ontology-based Approach To Automatic Part-of-Speech Tagging Using Heterogeneously Annotated Corpora (Maria Sukhareva and Christian Chiarcos)
  • The GuanXi network: a new multilingual LLOD for Language Learning applications (Ismail El Maarouf, Hatem Mousselly Sergieh, Eugene Alferov, Haofen Wang, Zhijia Fang and Doug Cooper)
  • Small in Size, Big in Precision: A Case for Using Language-Specific Lexical Resources for Word Sense Disambiguation (Steven Neale, João Silva and António Branco)
  • Accessing Linked Open Data via A Common Ontology (Kiril Simov and Atanas Kiryakov)
  • Towards the Representation of Hashtags in Linguistic Linked Open Data Format (Thierry Declerck)